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March 2019


Bindhu V


The decision on the possible trails to be taken by an information that is to be transmitted from a data point to its destined point enact to have more significance on the performance measure of the transmission. The mobile wireless network is also one such network whose quality of service are determined from the ways the trails are entrenched. This wireless adhoc network that is independent of the previously existing structure forms a topology that undergoes spontaneous changes with the closely existing data points or devices. This type of networks are well suited for many adverse situation and environment, but certain attributes of the wireless adhoc such as insubstantial bandwidth, more over head in paths , hidden data point problem, energy restraints, motility interfered routing make them visage difficulties in having a proper routing, empowering MANET to achieve lesser quality in the service provided. So this paper quality of service analysis for the MANET using high power low mobility protocol ensures a routing path entrenchment between highly energetic with diminished motility data points to improvise the quality of service. The QoS analysis is done based on the delay, throughput and the packet delivery ratio to measure its performance.