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Electronics and Informatics

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Dr. P. Karrupusamy


As the telecommunication services totally relies on the optical fiber for extending communications, it necessary that the optical communication system be capable of handling high speed, multiple channels and long haul signal transmission. recently the emergence of the optical coherent 100 GB/s and the digital signal processing has made possible the perfect signal transmission even for the MIMO (multiple input multiple output system) as they are well reformed to permit multiple wireless signal that holds different carrier frequencies. So the optical fiber system has become prominent among the applications like, large universities, banks and other private networks. However the speed in the transmission of the multiple wireless signals through single cable experiences performance issues in terms of speed, so the proposed method utilizes the 60 GHz, radio over fiber MIMO with effective spectrum allocation and the return zero differential phase shift keying to improve the communication speed and suppress the crosstalk respectively. The proposed system enriches the seamless communication with the QPSK-OFDM MIMO channels achieving 85 % in the data transmission rate, reducing the error correction rate to 5%.