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Artificial Intelligence and Capsule Networks

ISSN: 2582-2012
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Author: Dr. I. Jeena Jacob


The biometric recognition plays a significant and a unique part in the applications that are based on the personal identification. This is because of the stability, irreplaceability and the uniqueness that is found in the biometric traits of the humans. Currently the deep learning techniques that are capable of strongly generalizing and automatically learning, with the enhanced accuracy is utilized for the biometric recognition to develop an efficient biometric system. But the poor noise removal abilities and the accuracy degradation caused due to the very small disturbances has made the conventional means of the deep learning that utilizes the convolutional neural network incompatible for the biometric recognition. So the capsule neural network replaces the CNN due to its high accuracy in the recognition and the classification, due to its learning capacities and the ability to be trained with the limited number of samples compared to the CNN (convolutional neural network). The frame work put forward in the paper utilizes the capsule network with the fuzzified image enhancement for the retina based biometric recognition as it is a highly secure and reliable basis of person identification as it is layered behind the eye and cannot be counterfeited. The method was tested with the dataset of face 95 database and the CASIA-Iris-Thousand, and was found to be 99% accurate with the error rate convergence of 0.3% to .5%

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